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 [First Division] Enlistment

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PostSubject: [First Division] Enlistment   [First Division] Enlistment I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2012 5:30 pm

[First Division] Enlistment Recruitment_wanted-1

Enlistment Rules

Rule 1. In order to be enlisted in this division, you will have to have a post count of a hundred non spam posts. Spam posts that are made in forum game threads shall not be counted towards the 100.

Rule 2. Applying members must have two weeks activity before applying.

Rule 3. Your Skills in Roleplaying must be top notch. We Will not be accepting members who are users of the *asterisks* style or only post one line replies constantly. This also means that your spelling and grammar must be at its best as well. Occasional mistakes shall be ignored, repeated offenses will meet the boot.

Rule 4. You must not have any applications into any other division. To join the first is to love the first, we do not take kindly to cheaters.

Failure to meet the above rules will be met with immediate denial. Users must wait one week before reapplying after denial.

Application Forum

Quote :
Name:(your character's name, not your username or real name)

Do you have RP experience?: (If you do not, you shall be subject to training until your RP meets the divisional standards)

Why do you wish to join the First Division?: (Answers such as "Yamamoto is the strongest and best" shall be met with denial.)

Give an example of your RP: (Show us what you've got.)

The final decision will be made by either the captain or the vice captain of the division. A fair warning for all those who apply to this division, the first is a division heavily based in RP, as one might be able to guess by the application and the rules. We expect you to be in character at all times unless in a thread that does not require character and we also expect you to be mature about either your acceptance or your denial.


All new members are to be subject to a spar with a preexisting member upon acceptance. This is to test ones RP skills against another member. See also the Recruit To-Do list in the URL below.

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[First Division] Enlistment
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