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 First Division Ranking Board

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User Title : [First Division Captain] Checkmate
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PostSubject: First Division Ranking Board   Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:38 am

Yamato Dante Okami

Vice Captain:

Third Seat:

Fourth Seat:

Fifth Seat:

Sixth Seat:

Seventh Seat:

Eighth Seat:

Ninth Seat:

Tenth Seat:

Eleventh Seat:

Twelfth Seat:

Thirteenth Seat:

Fourteenth Seat:

Fifteenth Seat:


Important Note!

Although there are fifteen seats, only ten of them will be taken at this time because of the sites' over all rules so competition may be had...

Seats Taken: 1/15

Seats Available: 9/15

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First Division Ranking Board
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