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 The Show Must Go On!

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PostSubject: The Show Must Go On!   The Show Must Go On! I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 12, 2012 9:41 am

So, surely you've all heard and perhaps some of you seen by now that our beloved anime Bleach has come to an end... despite the manga going onwards in the story.

While this is a sad occurance, there's still a lot of things that the anime should have done!! Like not leave us off with an enemy like the Fllbringers >: (

I personally don't read the manga and in fact the only reason I know about this is because a friend told me about it. What what are your alls thoughts on the ending of the seires? I think it should end with the manga rather than before... and with Ihigo's death. To beat Aizen he had to give up his powers, to beat this final person he needs to die. End of story, excellent ending, job well done.

The Show Must Go On! NavrasSiggy2
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The Show Must Go On!
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