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 Events: A Short Explaination

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PostSubject: Events: A Short Explaination   Events: A Short Explaination I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2012 3:52 pm

This thread is meant as just a quick description of what events are here on this site and what qualifies as an event as well as the rules behind events in the First Division.

Events are classified as the following things:

1. Spars between individuals or groups of individuals.

2. Division Specific events thought up by division members and played out by said members. These can be things such as missions or just fun special occasions.

3. Holiday events such as Christmas and Halloween.*

4. Division-Wide Events**

* On a personal note, I don't like these very much. We'll still have them more than likely, but do not expect the captain to participate much in them unless it's something special.

** Division-Wide events are events that encompass not just one or two divisions but several. These are usually considered serious business. Members from other divisions can participate in a division's holiday event, they are not considered division-wide events. Division-Wide events are events planned out by the captains and vice captains of participating divisions. DON'T GO AROUND MAKING YOUR OWN DIVISION WIDE EVENT!!! You may suggest it to your captain and they may consider it, that is all.

Rules for Events:

Spars: As stated above, spars can be hand with just two participating members or multiple members. You do not need permission from a member of higher rank to start a spar. Spars can only be hand in one of the thirteen sparring areas. If all areas are taken, you'll have to wait your turn until one opens up or you can go to the other participants' division to have the spar. Follow the site and division rules when having a spar, and if it's here in the first I will be personally watching said spar for any sort of tomfoolery.

Division Specific Events: The rules can vary depending on the division. Here in the first it's if you're not a part of the first you're not welcome. Division Specific Events are to be planned out by members of the division. Those participating are expected to participate until the event is over. No dropping out unless it is unavoidable. Stay in character and do not get out of it.

Holiday Events: Holiday events are discussed between divisions and their members. Here in the first, we talk about them, decide how they'll function, and then do it... that's it basically.

Division-Wide Events Explained above.

Events: A Short Explaination NavrasSiggy2
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Events: A Short Explaination
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