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 [First Division HQ] The Capital Building of the Seireitei

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PostSubject: [First Division HQ] The Capital Building of the Seireitei   Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:49 pm

First Division Head Quarters in the Seireitei

In the center of the Seireitei stands a towering building with many floors and towers, including the sekkisekei tower used to temporarily imprison offending shinigami awaiting for travel. Here in the well kept halls is the center of all the Soul Society is where all divisional matters can be discussed, be it the firsts' or any other division. All Captains meet here in times of crisis as well in the Captain's Meeting Hall. Here, the Head Captain stands before all others who are positioned on the left and the right of the room. The head captain's personal quarters are also stationed here along with the rest of his division's. Welcome to the capital.

You are expected to obey all site rules while posting here as well as staying in character. That being said, feel free to relax here in the HQ. Talk to other members, get to know them, have a good time. Just because you're IC in this thread doesn't mean you can't have fun with your character. Unless in a time of divisional crisis, this thread is to be considered one of relaxation and character development.

Captain's Meeting Room

First Divison Captain's Personal Quarters

First Division Member's Quarters - Standard (feel free to customize a room however you wish)

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[First Division HQ] The Capital Building of the Seireitei
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