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 [Sanbantai]Ranking Info

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PostSubject: [Sanbantai]Ranking Info   [Sanbantai]Ranking Info I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2012 2:47 pm

This is the thread for those who aren't sure what each seat is for.

Captain - The captain of a division is the leader of the division. They are responsible for everything that goes on within the division and everything about the division itself. Seating, recruitment, event planning, etc. goes through the Captain of the division and they make the judgement as to what suits best. A captain for a division is chosen by people, not only within the division itself but by the general public as well. Those chosen captain are seen as the person best suited to lead a division.

Vice Captain - A Vice Captain is the right hand of the Captain. They work side by side with each other and discuss everything in the division. A Vice Captain's responsibilities are the same as the Captain in regards to being responsible for everything that goes on within the division as well. In the event the captain is unable to be present, the Vice Captain takes the role of captain until the captain is able to return. Vice Captain's are chosen by the general public, the division itself at times, and also and most importantly the captain. The Captain of the division gets to chose the people best suited for them to help them lead the division, and then narrow it down to one person which becomes the Vice Captain. A Vice Captain does not have to be in the same division they were chosen to be a VC for. In other words if a captain thinks a member from another division will suit them better to help them lead, that member from another division may become the VC.

3rd Seat - The 3rd Seat is the head of the council members, and is the right hand to the Vice Captain and left hand to the captain. Certain things based on divisional matters are discussed with the 3rd seat for their input. Unlike the Captain or the Vice Captain the 3rd seat does not get the final saying in anything in regards to seating, recruitment, etc, however thier ideas and input are taken into the maximum consideration. In the event the VC is not able to be present, the 3rd Seat shall take on the role of the VC until they can come back. 3rd seats supervise everything that goes on and report to the VC or the captain if they feel the need that something should change. The 3rd seat is chosen by the Captain and the VC and is seen as the person best suited to help out the Captain and VC. 3rd seats tend to be the members spokesperson if they do not feel like directly telling the VC or Captain about a small issue.

4th Seat
- The 4th seat of a division can be seen as the left hand to the VC. The person chosen for the 4th Seat is very well active and trusted not only by the Captain and VC but also by the division members as a whole. The 4th seat gives their input in anything, however they do not discuss major things with the Captain or the VC unless they are asked. The 4th seat helps out the most in regards to being the backbone to the division, participates in everything, and can be seen as the most helpful person within the division aside from the 3rd seat, VC, and Captain. 4th seats and 3rd seats tend to work well together in helping organizing and discussing things, and give ideas of what is best for the division from what they see. 4th seats also tend to work side by side with the VC, and discuss things like events, threads, etc. In more simple terms they are the division's main people person.

5th and 6th Seats - The 5th and 6th seats are the pillars of a division for simple terms. They tend to be the most active people aside from those seated above them. They are the most welcoming people into the division and help out in things like the discussion of new events and threads, and are seen as the most loyal members to the division. In any event the 5th and 6th seats give their input of what they think would be the best idea and which is later taken into consideration by those seated above them. They help out in any way they can, and answer any questions members may have, especially newer ones to the division, in the case that those seated above them did not answer the question already.

7th Seat to 15th Seat
- They are the general public of a division, which without a division can not stand strong. They are seated based on helpfulness around a divison and activity within the division and other divisions and the forum as a whole. If any problems were to occur, they would make sure to report to those in the council to find the best way to settle the issue. Those who are seated members have been seen active enough as to be given a seat within the division are members who remain loyal to the division. The higher the seat means the more helpful and active you are and the better you are at rping in regards to sparring or any other thread in particular. Like every other division member, their ideas will be taken into consideration and their feedback is greatly appreciated.

Shinigami Academy(Recruits)
- They are the newbies to a division. In a recruit state you are in a month trial to see what seat would suit you best and how active you are, loyal, and helpful. Those in recruit state that are not active will most likely remain recruit until the activity goes up, or get removed from the division if they disappear without warning. Like seated members recruits also get a saying in anything regarding the division and their input once again is greatly appreciated. In general recruits do not even have the ability to have a shikai in spars however once a training session is given they may be allowed to have it. Recruits are expected to remain active and if they do, once a month has passed they will be granted a seat.

What are you looking at?
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[Sanbantai]Ranking Info
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