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 Gotei XIII Supreme Court

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PostSubject: Gotei XIII Supreme Court   Gotei XIII Supreme Court I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 06, 2012 1:45 pm

Gotei XIII Supreme Court Supreme_court

Gotei XIII Supreme Court Courtroom

This is the Gotei XIII Supreme Court, where all offending officers shall be held accountable for their crimes justly and fairly based on a court of their peers. Those who commit crimes that go beyond an individual's division shall be judged here. Pray that the judges are lenient...

This is an IC (In Character in case you don't know) thread and should be treated as such. There is to be no going out of character while posting in this thread. Posting in this thread will only happen when it is needed to happen I.E. when someone somewhere has committed a treasonous act and are caught but not executed. There is to be NO posting in this thread unless such is the case. Any post put in this thread without proper context will be deleted.

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Gotei XIII Supreme Court
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