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 The Laws of Seireitei

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PostSubject: The Laws of Seireitei    The Laws of Seireitei  I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2012 2:24 am


The Laws of Seireitei  Shocked

Oh No! What do we do!? I've misplaced the rules! We'll just have to wing it.

~General Conduct~

Do I expect you to be perfect angels all the time? Of course not, but I don't want you to be raging lunatics either, there are limits to being a idiot and I expect you to know what they are.

As members of this forum you are expected to be RESPECTFUL to all members, new and old. Don't get into flame wars and kill people like wild dogs, it's quite ugly. So all in all, please treat each other kindly and don't go crazy over stupid reasons.

So you think I want to ban swearing? What are you high? I won't ever ban such freedom, although I do want to moderate it, I don't want you using five swear words in one line, one or two is fine, and NEVER use a swear word to insult another member, even if you are joking. It will prove futile on your part as you will be warned and possibly suspended from the site.

Also I'd like to go into Multiple Accounts, this also doesn't fly, we know when you use proxy's as well. So please don't try to get around your punishment by doing this, it just shows that you're nothing but immature.

~Roleplay Guidelines~

Geez, where do I begin? Some of you guys are downright terrible at RP(You know who you are) and I need to make sure you don't go off and Godmod by accident.

I don't want you guys raising an army of the dead at level one, now that would just be plain silly.

Please watch the following instances of Godmod and see what I mean.

God-modding is when you take control of your opponents character or hit them without their permission.

An Example of God-Modding:

Riku Slammed his face into the noob and slashed him up.

A Real Spar Fight:

Riku attempted to head butt the noob and followed it by aiming rapid slashes at his chest.

See the difference? Its all in the wordplay, some people God-Mod by accident, so no biggie.

If I see you God-modding on purpose however, I will have you......dipped in hot chocolate.

*Note, against normal NPCs in normal fights, it's not considered godmod to say you punched them in the face. It's only important to not godmod when you're fighting PLAYER controlled enemies. If an NPC is being controlled by a player, then you can't godmod. Otherwise, it's not considered godmod. HOWEVER, don't be over-powered when fighting NPCs. Your character has a limit even when fighting Non-player characters.

It is also when you cause tidal waves and destructive powers or use more than one character, so yeah...don't do it.

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The Laws of Seireitei
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